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Auto conveyor multi-stage cleaning and drying machin
Name: Auto conveyor multi-stage cleaning and drying machin
Model: SC2507
Procedure: Loading, auto feeding, pre-washing, degreasing washin, rinsing, blowing, hot air drying , auto discharging
Assembly: Model : SC2507 Overall Dimension: 7600*W3960*H3200mm Main systems: Auto conveyor with round conveyor, spray system (nozzles mounted top/bottom and 2 sides), recycling filtration system, heating system,Drying system with air curtain, fog exhaustion , Auto water filling and Concentration control, Cascade water from back to front tank, Water level control , PLC control, Cleaning and drying separated and connected
Apply: metal parts, precision parts, aluminium parts degrasing cleaning
Applicable: Automotive Industry,Hardware,Precision Parts Cleaing
Automatic Passing Type Cleaning Machiner for Piston Rod
Name: Automatic Passing Type Cleaning Machiner for Piston Rod
Model: SC2305
Procedure: 1.Automatic loading 2. Automatic degreasing washing 3. Compressive air blowing off 4. Automatic discharging
Assembly: 1.Spray cleaning chamber 2. Rolling conveyor system 3. Oil separator and recycling filtration system 4. heating system 5. Blowing off system 6. Mist exhaustion sytem 7. Control system: PLC, level control, temp.control 8. Size as per customer`s different parts
Apply: industrial parts, piston rod , metal parts cleaning
Applicable: Automotive Industry,Hardware,Precision Parts Cleaing
Auto Parts Cleaner
Name: Auto Parts Cleaner
Model: NC-CPH-5
Procedure: Loading, high pressure degreasing , high pressure cleaning, blowing dehydration, unloading
Assembly: cleaning system, cycling filtration system, mist exhaust, oil separator, filter, water level sensor, temp. level, heating system, SS tank and channel, high quality pump, PLC control, LCD touch screen, etc.
Applicable: Automotive Industry
Container Cleaning machine
Name: Container Cleaning machine
Model: SC-RCD-4-1933
Procedure: auto loading->pre-washing->degreasing washing->rinsing->drying
Assembly: automatic feeding and discharge, automatic conveyor, spray cleaning system, high pressure cleaning pump, angle changeable nozzles, cycling filtration system, blowing system,heating system, mist exhaust, PLC , temperature control, LCD operation screen, water level control,cleaning agent concentration automatic control, emergency stop , cleaning output counting ,auto alarm system
Applicable: Bin, Plastic Container Cleaning
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