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programmable top loading spray rotary washer
Name: programmable top loading spray rotary washer
Model: SC2634
Procedure: Manual loading, timing rotaty spray cleaning, timing compressive air blowing drying, hot air blowing, manual unloading
Assembly: Rotary device, spray system, recycling filtration (2 times filtration), steam exhaustion, heating device, hot air blowing, auto lid, PLC control, level control, digital temperature control, solenoid valve , for details contact us!
Apply: automotic industry, hardwares degreasing cleaning
Applicable: Automotive Industry,Bin, Plastic Container Cleaning,Hardware,Precision Parts Cleaing,Defense,Aerospace Industry
High Pressure Rotary Spray Washer Top Loading
Name: High Pressure Rotary Spray Washer Top Loading
Model: SC2509
Procedure: Manual Loading→High Pressure Rotary Washing→ Blowing Dehydration →Manual Unloading
Assembly: 1.Overall Dimension:approxi.1860×1950×1200(mm) , dimension as customer parts siz and cleaning capacity 2.Power:3-phase 380-440V Freq:50-60HZ 3. Man Systems:spray cleaning system,heating system、filtratio system,contamination and water sedimentation system, control system, exhaustion system,filling and drain system etc.
Apply: painting ,oil, dust removing and cleaning for industrial parts
Applicable: Automotive Industry,Hardware,Precision Parts Cleaing,Defense,Aerospace Industry
Parts Washing Machine
Name: Parts Washing Machine
Model: SC1916
Procedure: Loading, rotating pressure spray washing, high pressure blow drying,unloading. Optional:rinsing, hot air drying
Assembly: 1.recircular filtration system 2.high quality spray pump 3.blow drying device 4.electrical heating 5.water level control 6.temperature control, digital timer 7.Stainless Steel Tank, Case,Nozzle 8.oil skimmer
Applicable: Automotive Industry,Hardware,Precision Parts Cleaing
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