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Single Tank Ultrasonic Washer
Name: Single Tank Ultrasonic Washer
Model: SC-SUP series
Procedure: Manual Loading, Ultrasonic Timing Cleaning, Manual unloading,
Assembly: Full Stainless Steel 304 Materials, Ultrasonic power:300W-4500W, Power adjustment, Frequency:28KHz,40KHz,45KHz, 68KHz,120KHz Frequency Tuning -+1KHz With SS304 Heating, Lid, Basket Can be added cycling filtration, agitation, spraying, oil separator etc (generator and tank combined in one machine or separated)
Apply: Electronic parts, optical lens,precision parts
Applicable: Optical Industry,Automotive Industry,Solar Panel Cleaning,Hardware,Precision Parts Cleaing,Electronic Industry,Medical Industry,Defense,Aerospace Industry
Ultrasonic Cleaner for Ship Used
Name: Ultrasonic Cleaner for Ship Used
Model: SUP-Ship used
Procedure: Cleaning process: loading, ultrasonic timing cleaning, unloading
Assembly: 4. Main systems: Heating , ultrasonic unit with sweep mode and power adjustment, frequency tuning, heating insulation, timer, digital display LCD, BLT transducer Cleaning tank and basket, Lid, Option: cycling filtration system, oil separator, multi-tank etc.
Apply: parts cleaning for ship used
Applicable: Optical Industry,Automotive Industry,Hardware,Precision Parts Cleaing,Electronic Industry
Blind Cleaner
Name: Blind Cleaner
Model: SUP-BL
Procedure: Cleaning, rinsing, blowing drying in one machine
Assembly: Ultrasonic cleaning machine for blind washing 1.Cleaning agent: Normal cleaning detergent (does not need special cleaning agent) 2.Ultrasonic power, tank size can be customized as different size of blind. 3.Ultrasonic generator could be digital or analog type 4.Washing temperature control, timer 5.transducer SS construction For details , contact us!
Applicable: Blind, Golf Club Cleaning
Ultrasonic Cleaner SUP Series
Name: Ultrasonic Cleaner SUP Series
Model: SUP3600
Assembly: 1.Model : SUP series. 2.Capacity: various size available as per customer`s requirements 3.Ultrasonic Tank: Stainless Steel 4.Ultrasonic Transducer: 20KHZ~68KHZ. 5.Ultrasonic Generator: Digital display or normal generator 6. Washing temperature: as per washing materials, temperature adjustable. 7. Power adjustable , Frequency tuning, having sweep function to increase cleaning results 8. Over heating protection
Applicable: Optical Industry,Automotive Industry,Hardware,Precision Parts Cleaing,Electronic Industry,Medical Industry
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