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Automatic Cleaning Anti-fog Machine for Optical Lens
Name: Automatic Cleaning Anti-fog Machine for Optical Lens
Model: SC2555
Procedure: 1.loading, auto feeding, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic rinsing, pre-drying,cooling, anti-fog (hard coating), drying, unloading, 2.Post curing
Assembly: 1.Ultrasonic cleaning system, 2.Filtration system 3.Heating system 4.Cooling system 5.Air Purification (HEPA) 6.Auto moving and conveyor system 7.Anti-fog or Hard Coating system 8.Pre-drying and post drying system
Apply: optical lens anti-fog, hard coating,
Applicable: Optical Industry
Cleanliness Testing Machine
Name: Cleanliness Testing Machine
Model: SC2536
Procedure: Process: 1) Pre-washing 2) Cleaning and clealiness testing 3) unloading
Assembly: Features: Model: SC-2536 Overall Size (mm): 1800*800*H2200mm Working Area(mm): 1340*770*600mm Total Power (KW): 1.5KW/380V/220V Approxi. Weight (KG):500 Various Size, working area, washing and storage tank , power optional as your parts
Apply: parts cleaning testing
Applicable: Optical Industry,Automotive Industry,Solar Panel Cleaning,Hardware,Precision Parts Cleaing,Electronic Industry,Medical Industry,Defense,Aerospace Industry
Industrial ice water machine
Name: Industrial ice water machine
Procedure: Watering—cooling—water out
Industrial solvent distillation saver
Name: Industrial solvent distillation saver
Procedure: Feeding—distillation--discharging
Applicable: Optical Industry
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