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Automatic PC Optic Lens Cleaning &Hard Coating/AF  Machine
Name: Automatic PC Optic Lens Cleaning &Hard Coating/AF Machine
Model: SC-2937
Procedure: Loading →Ultrasonic Washing and Ultrasonic Rinsing → Infrared Drying , Cooling → Primer Dipping → Infrared Drying, Cooling → Hard Coating/AF Dipping →Pre-Curing →Unloading
Putting to post curing oven

Assembly: 1.Basket Capacity: 12PCS
2. External Dimension (length×width×height): Approxi. 7050×1885×2220(mm)
3.Input voltage: Three-phase Five Wire (380V/50Hz + N + PE)
4.Main Power :47KW
5.Two Servo Driving Robots Transfer, Heating and
Cooling Function, Ultrasonic Unit, HEPA ,Cycle Filtration, Trolley Coating Tank, PLC, HMI, Remote
Programmable Control etc.
Apply: Optical lens, Safety Lens, Helmet Visor Hard Coating and Anti- Fog
Applicable: Optical Industry
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