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Automatic dual direction high pressure rotary spray cleaning machine
Name: Automatic dual direction high pressure rotary spray cleaning machine
Model: SC2689
Procedure: Auto feeding,
High pressure spray time cleaning (components inside and outside complete washing),
High pressure blowing,
Automatic output and unloading,
Assembly: Washing systems: high pressure washing pumps,
(components inside and outside completely washed) , Nozzles, washing pipeline,
Oil removing systems: oil separator,
Mist Collection and Exhaustion device,
Cycling filtrations: 2-3 times filtrations,
Heating system with Heat Insulation,
Blowing Drying System,
Auto Conveyor System, Auto door ,
Washing Trays with different diameter,
Control system: PLC, LCD HMI,auto level control,
Temp.control, washing pressure control and alarm,
Washing agent auto filling and dosing system,
Design Auto/Manual Mode, Data setting different
Level system, different programs available,
Liquid power drain system,
rotary system,
Operation Language English ,
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Apply: Hydraulic cylinder, hardwares, automative parts
Applicable: Automotive Industry,Hardware,Precision Parts Cleaing,Defense,Aerospace Industry
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