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Automatic pressure spray washer for large piston
Name: Automatic pressure spray washer for large piston
Model: SC2649
Procedure: 1.Loading and unloading by stacker
2.Automatic feeding
3.Automatic time pressure spray washing
4.Automatic time blowing
5.Automatic discharging

Assembly: 1.Heating system
2.Spray washing system
3.rotary system
4.automatic feeding and discharging system
5.cycling filtration system to save water door system
7.oil separator
8. steam exhaustion
9.blowing system
10. Control system: PLC, LCD HMI , safe lighting
curtain, level sensor,pressure sensor, temp.controller etc
Apply: large piston in automotive industry, metal parts, hydraulic parts etc
Applicable: Automotive Industry,Hardware,Precision Parts Cleaing,Defense,Aerospace Industry
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