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Twin-Tank Ultrasonic Washer for Anilox Roller
Name: Twin-Tank Ultrasonic Washer for Anilox Roller
Model: SC2363
Procedure: Loading,
Ultrasonic Cleaning,
During cleaning roller rotation with speed
inverter control

Assembly: 1.Tank internal size:1295*252*254mm
2.Machine Size:1995* 800mm*1190mm
3.Ultrasonic Power 1200W
Ultrasonic Frequency 68KHz
4.Suitable Anilox Roller L1200*Ø200mm
5.Cleaning Temp. 50ºC~60ºC
6.with Digital Temp.Control, Level Control,
Frequency Inverter, Motor, Cycling filtration
System etc.
7. Provide customized designing according to your roller dimension

Apply: Anilox Roller for Print Industry, Precision Parts
Applicable: Hardware,Precision Parts Cleaing,Medical Industry
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