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  Filled with vitality vitality in this big family, you will be with all the other good Shanghai Century strange man move forward together to create one of the best team. Because we know that in the fierce competition, only the best teams can win. Shanghai Sheng-qi has been able to maintain long-term stable growth, but also because a large number of like you enthusiasm, integrity, perseverance, courage to accept the challenge, hard work and team spirit of employees.

  Our goal is to provide customers with the best products and services. Shanghai Century Washing Machinery Co., Ltd. requires every employee with a high sense of responsibility, trying to support the company's success. In this process to provide staff with a good working environment, rights, and training and development opportunities. As a Cleaning Machinery Co., Ltd. Shanghai Sheng-qi members should be proactive to enhance effective communication, sharing the company's values. Associates between departments and between coordination, teamwork, courage to take responsibility, constant innovation, a shared commitment to meet the challenge. So that we can melt as a collective - that only a collective effort to achieve the goal of all of us.

  Shanghai Century Washing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a young and growing businesses, the company's comprehensive portfolio, including the planning, design, manufacture, sales, service and technology aspects (industrial parts cleaning equipment, automated lines body). Products related to coverage of optical electronics industry; automotive manufacturing; metal plating industry; medical equipment; aviation and aerospace industry, and in the market occupies an important and leading position.

  Shanghai Century will try to pursue a first-class enterprise.

  Shanghai Century  was established in 1999, that is, the occasion of the new century, in the future - the birth of Shanghai Sheng-qi, and CENTURY pronunciation for the company name.

  Shanghai Century  - SHANGHAI CENTURY

  Shanghai Century  in the development process has always followed her initial set of principles, namely: sustainable development, innovation and to customer satisfaction.

  The company's core values: the best team win, innovation and decide the future, continuous improvement, listening to our customers as well as the company's development of the party.

  Goal is to achieve first-class customer service to meet customer requirements; to customer demand-driven, to improve quality and shorten delivery time, reduce costs, sustained growth; In order to achieve specific business goals the provision of equipment and methods.


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